Charlotte Wedding Photography: Catherine and Creighton

Catherine and Creighton married at Christ Lutheran Church before heading to Charlotte City Club for a night of celebration.

They are both Carolina graduates, but one favors light blue and white and the other garnet and black. Both school mascots made an appearance at the reception and helped add to the party.

Many thanks to Libby Sarver of Details Wedding Planning, Shea Blackston for her beautiful makeup work and Nathan Hoffman and the terrific staff at the City Club.

Thank you again to company photographer Laura Mueller and apprentice photographer John Gomez for all of their excellent images.

Congratulations to Catherine and Creighton and their families!

Catherine and Creighton

Catherine gets ready at the Omni Hotel

Bridesmaids at the hotel

Catherine with junior bridesmaid Biaja

The men get ready

Checking Creighton's gift from Catherine

A note from the bride

Creighton is ready

The groom

Reading a note from the groom


Checking the dress

Giving their dresses a spin

Catherine with her mother Barbara

Bridesmaid selfie

First look





Lottie the flower girl keeps an eye on things

An homage to the movie Bridesmaids

The men at Trade and Tryon

Taking a stroll Uptown


Arriving at Christ Lutheran Church

Catherine with her father

Placing the veil






Catherine and her mother celebrate


Arriving at Charlotte City Club

Scene at the City Club



Creighton gives the bride a lift

First dance

Dancing with her father

Mother and son

Mixed allegiances for the bride and groom

Serious photo op

Amazing work from Haines Barksdale of For Goodness Cakes

Time for cake




The Maxx goes mobile

Taking the stage

Enjoying the night

Making their escape