May 2012

Savannah Wedding Photography: Marianna and Eric

Marianna and Eric are from Charlotte and they live in New York City, but they chose Savannah as the site for their wedding. Marianna’s mother Ruthie grew up in the area and it holds many special memories for her family. The Savannah Yacht Club is a family favorite and it provided a spectacular setting on […]

Charlotte Wedding Photography: Alessandra and Michael

Alessandra and Michael seem perfectly suited for each other. And even though she is a professional ballet dancer and he is an engineer, it’s obvious they match up so well in almost every other way. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Alessandra for many years as she performed with the North Carolina Dance Theatre. And […]

Charlotte Wedding Photography: Vanessa and Josh

I’d been looking forward to working with Vanessa and Josh again since photographing their engagement session in October. Vanessa is a long-time friend of my niece Melissa, and Missy was excited about being in the wedding for some time. Well, we all know that plans don’t always work out, and the arrival of Missy and […]