A New Option For 2009

Happy belated New Year to all!

This time of year is always good for reflection as well as looking ahead thinking of renewal and change.

I know many people are hungry for change with all of the bad economic news and the anxiety it has created. I’ve been around long enough to know that tough times come and go and you just have to keep pushing ahead until things improve.

We were blessed with some amazing weddings and wonderful clients in 2008 and we’re excited about the great events we already have scheduled for 2009.

We’ve met many incredible people over the course of the past seven years of photographing weddings. We’ve gotten to know many of our clients better and watched their families grow. This has been such an honor and privilege and we strive to have a great working relationship with all of our clients.

I’ve been thinking about change recently and I wanted to come up with a way to open our services up to more couples who have an appreciation for our documentary approach to weddings.

For me, the bottom line has always been about the photography. Our best clients are always the ones who share our passion for images that capture people as they really are.

We know budget is on the mind of almost everyone this year.
With that in mind, we’ve added a new package to our existing choices. “The Documentary” package is a streamlined option that offers the same high level of service and quality to our customers while allowing for more flexibility in pricing.

The booking season is upon us so please contact us soon for more information about all of our coverage options.

I hope you are looking forward to 2009. I know we are!

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